Crazy Good Creations Tuesday Tip

Crazy Good Creations Tuesday Tip

My dishes, especially glasses, were looking pretty ‘cloudy’ even though I had been using the leading brand rinse agent in my dishwasher to eliminate water spots.  I started looking for an alternative to brighten my dishes as I am gradually switching from store bought chemical concoctions to more natural products and VOILA!

The solution?  WHITE VINEGAR!!!

You can certainly see the difference in the glass on the right.  Though there are still a few smudges, the entire glass is not cloudy as is the one on the left.

I put approximately 1/4 cup in a small bowl on the top rack of my dishwasher – do not put the vinegar in the rinse compartment of your dishwasher!  I was most impressed with the difference and figure the remaining smudges will gradually disappear as they are washed time and time again.  Another bonus, I would imagine, is that the dishwasher and drainage pipes benefit from the vinegar rinse as well.  It seems to me that it would help eliminate any build up of residue since that is what I use when our sinks start draining slowly.

And… the $$$ SAVINGS???
16 oz. of leading rinse = $9.25
128 oz. of white vinegar = $3.83

You do the math~  I am gonna go wash another load of dishes! 😉