Tess’ Till-less, Organic Garden 2012

Tess’ Till-less, Organic Garden 2012

Do you mean you can have an organic  garden with lush, delicious veggies with NO tilling and no harmful pesticides?  YES, you can!

It begins by putting cardboard or newspaper right on top of the grass (where it will get sun for at least 6 hours per day…the front lawn in my case).  Soak it through and through with water, add a 2″ – 3″ layer of compost such as leaves or your homemade compost, soak it thoroughly as well.



Now add a 3″ – 4″  layer of peat moss.  Dampen it with a light spray as you do not want to cause runoff initially.  Once it has settled it won’t go anywhere, trust me.  Notice there aren’t any boards or siding of any kind.  The truth of the matter is…you just don’t need them.  I have been doing this method of gardening for three years now and, to me, building a ‘box’ or border is just a waste of money better spent on seeds, peat moss or GMO-free seeds.




That is it!  You are ready to plant, water, wait and reap the benefits!  It really is just that simple!!!

If you would like additional information, there are earlier posts in my Gardening section with details on  materials to use, how to build a compost bin, as well as what should/should not be composted.

If you do not find what you are looking for in my earlier posts, feel free to ask questions…I will gladly share what has/ has not worked for me!

This is a super simple, amazingly satisfying, not to mention DELICIOUS, way to feed your family fresh, homegrown veggies.  You will be surprised just how differently your bounty tastes.  Happy planting everyone!!!


Oh Happy Day…for Mothers and Gardeners!

Happy Mother’s Day to any and all of you that ‘mother’ or have ‘mothered’.  🙂  It is not an easy task though it surely can be one of the most rewarding – kinda like gardening, huh?

And now…as promised…(drum roll, please):

AFTER - Lasagna Garden ©May 2011

Ta Daaaaaa!!!  My first round of planting is complete and, as if to bless my efforts, the Good Lord has provided a slow, gentle rain during the night, as well as periodically throughout the day!   Though you cannot see them yet, the horizontal row in front will be my Mountain White Half Runners.  The bamboo poles and twine will serve as a trellis system for support and easy picking.  The plants transplanted from my Aerogarden seem perfectly happy in their new surroundings and have actually perked up today.  I do believe they are appreciative to have nature’s watering system provide them with a drink.

I will post updates as things progress here on the Sweet ‘T’ lawn.  But for now I am happy to enjoy the day with my children who have come home to spend time with their Mother.  Isn’t life grand?  I am truly blessed!

Let us begin…

Living...Laughing...Loving...in my garden 3 24 11 © 3/25/2011

Well, hello there! I am not certain where to begin with this blogging thing but as a wife, mother of two-legged and four-legged children, grandmother, daughter, sister, former educator, currently unemployed lasagna-gardening SOUTHERN female…I have a lot to think about and even more to say!!!

With spring warming things up a bit here in the South, I have donned my bib overalls…yes, I did say bib overalls (I know those of you who know me are laughing right now) and headed to the front lawn to start planting my veggies…and yes, I did say front lawn(check out the edibles around my lamppost in the picture). The time I spend with my fingers in the dirt allows me a direct connection to my Source and I find that thoughts and ideas flow to me like sweet tea sashaying over my tongue and down my throat on a hot summer day – deliciously fulfilling! To say that I feel compelled to share this knowledge is an understatement and since many of my friends want to see what is going on with my edible landscape, well, this just seems like the right thing to do.

I hope you will come sit a spell with me every now and again so we can ‘chat’…you just never know what the topic of the day might be.  Until next time…get outside, breathe some fresh air and get your hands dirty…