Tess’ Till-less, Organic Garden 2012

Tess’ Till-less, Organic Garden 2012

Do you mean you can have an organic  garden with lush, delicious veggies with NO tilling and no harmful pesticides?  YES, you can!

It begins by putting cardboard or newspaper right on top of the grass (where it will get sun for at least 6 hours per day…the front lawn in my case).  Soak it through and through with water, add a 2″ – 3″ layer of compost such as leaves or your homemade compost, soak it thoroughly as well.



Now add a 3″ – 4″  layer of peat moss.  Dampen it with a light spray as you do not want to cause runoff initially.  Once it has settled it won’t go anywhere, trust me.  Notice there aren’t any boards or siding of any kind.  The truth of the matter is…you just don’t need them.  I have been doing this method of gardening for three years now and, to me, building a ‘box’ or border is just a waste of money better spent on seeds, peat moss or GMO-free seeds.




That is it!  You are ready to plant, water, wait and reap the benefits!  It really is just that simple!!!

If you would like additional information, there are earlier posts in my Gardening section with details on  materials to use, how to build a compost bin, as well as what should/should not be composted.

If you do not find what you are looking for in my earlier posts, feel free to ask questions…I will gladly share what has/ has not worked for me!

This is a super simple, amazingly satisfying, not to mention DELICIOUS, way to feed your family fresh, homegrown veggies.  You will be surprised just how differently your bounty tastes.  Happy planting everyone!!!




I am so excited!  I just placed my order for seeds for my summer garden!!!

I am taking my commitment to grow organic food one step further and only purchasing GMO-FREE seeds.  Not only that, I found a company in Asheville,  Sow True Seed,  that sells open-pollinated, non-hybrid and untreated seeds featuring Heirloom, Organic and Traditional varieties.  I am psyched!!!!


Won’t you join me?  Not only will you be improving the quality of food for your family, you will also be helping a North Carolina company!



Check them out!  My seeds/tubers are in the mail!!!  🙂



Great article – great magazine!

Great article – great magazine!

So…I really am not the only one that is thinking it is time to get back to basics (see Back to Basics tab/posts on CGC site)!!!

I have mentioned Organic Gardening magazine before and I am certain this will not be the last time as I rely heavily on their wealth of information; whether it is a hard copy of their magazine (yes, I am a subscriber – sometimes I just need to hold the actual thing in my hands; highlight stuff and put tabs everywhere!) or their incredible webpage (organicgardening.com)…they are my ‘go-to’ in the gardening realm.  I encourage you to check them out!

This particular article caught my eye as the title resonates with my very being!  I feel very strongly about getting back to the basics in all aspects of our lives…and gardening is no different.

“The 2011 Organic Gardening variety trials celebrate a return to our roots – and an acknowledgment that, when it comes to vegetables, new isn’t always better.”*

The article goes on to say, as I have also mentioned in previous posts, that we get so intrigued by the ‘new & improved’ mentality that we forget about what has worked and/or been consistent  in the past.  Oh, I could go on and on about this BUT…

The main thing that I want you to think about is that ‘new & improved’ isn’t always better AND that our ancestors…well, let’s just say they were pretty doggone smart and we would do quite well to REMEMBER their knowledge, honor their wisdom and follow in their footsteps in many aspects of our lives!!!

*Hall, Doug, “Back to Basics.”  Organic Gardening April-May 2012: 44 – 49.