A new day…a new adventure!!!

Those of you who have been following my antics over the past few years know I am on a journey of natural health and healing.  I will try any and everything prior to using prescribed medications.  In fact, I have not seen a medical doctor since 2010.  Yes, you read that correctly!  So…I must be doing something right, huh?

One of my serious explorations has been with essential oils and, I have to admit, I LOVE THEM!  (In fact, I may need to go to EOA – Essential Oils Anonymous!)

  • When I clean with them they make me happy and I have never really gotten happy when I cleaned before!  Cleaning Products - Large version
  • When I use them for health issues (on myself, as well as my family members) I have seen surprisingly good results and, in most cases, AMAZING results!

  • I believe that using them on my Golden Retrievers has kept them out of the vet’s office for years!!!Pets

Little did I know that this love of oils would lead to me sharing my findings with anyone who would lend an ear but I am just that way!  When I find something that works, is easy to get and is cost effective I want to shout it from the mountaintops…and…so I have!  My adult children use oils, my Mother uses oils, my neighbors use oils and all because of little old me!  I am proud of that – really proud of that! So…

Not too long ago I started experimenting with different brands of oils because I wanted to take it up a notch and be able to ingest them as needed.  Now you CANNOT do that with just any old oil…the oils need to be CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) before you can ingest them.  That quest lead me to doTERRA…

Yes, doTERRA, and now there is no turning back.  Whether you have been using oils for years or are toying with the idea…start here:  Don’t waste your time, $ or health on poor quality oils.  It makes a HUGE difference!

There are many good oils out there but, in my humble opinion, none compare to doTERRA!  Start small if you need to but do yourself, your family, pets and friends a BIG favor and JUST START!!!  Maybe you should give yourself a Christmas gift…you know, to you from you…who hasn’t done that on occasion???

Have questions?  I am here to help and if I don’t know the answer to your question we will find someone who does!

Join me today on a quest of wonderful health naturally.  And now I must go because Frank is calling my name…that is…Frankincense, of course!;)

Pet Vaccination Overkill

Pet Vaccination Overkill

There has been a lot of controversy as of late regarding whether or not to vaccinate children.  What about our four-legged children???  Do they REALLY need vaccinations every year for as long as they live???  My opionion?  (yes, you know by now that I am free with my opinion 🙂  )  NO, they do not!!!

We made the decision about five years ago to offer our four-legged family members the same courtesy we, as two-legged folk, afford ourselves.  We steer clear of doctors unless there is an emergency requiring immediate attention.

 If you have four-legged family members, watch/read this article by Dr. Karen Becker about pet vaccinations and decide for yourself.

Golden Love…Retrievers, That Is!

Golden Love…Retrievers, That Is!

Since I was talking about an inexpensive form of therapy yesterday (crocheting) I felt compelled to share another one today…our Goldens!

Now,  I have had dogs and, yes, in my younger days…those apartment years… I even had cats.  As I have said before I love all animals but there is one breed that stole my heart about sixteen years ago…Golden Retrievers!

Just look at these babies!!!

Bailey, on the left, is our girl and answers to Bailey, Bailey-Boo, Boo, Bailey-Marie, Bay, Boo-Boo…believe it or not I could go on…  Gabriel, on the right, is our boy who answers to Gabe, Gabey-Baby, Goob, Ba-Donk-A-Donk…    😉 Everyone in our family has  a multitude of nicknames, dependent upon the situation, and our four-legged family members are no different.

These two are by my side every single day.  If I am in my office working, they work with me.  Most days, Gabe actually gets under my desk and Bailey sleeps in my office doorway…no coming or going without them knowing it.

If I am working in the garden or yard, they are out there helping me.  Gabe is always intrigued by the good bugs crawling around in the garden.

When we are happy, they are right there with us, smiling and in a playful mood.

If we don’t feel well, they stay right by our side sharing their positive energy and trying to make us feel better.  Gabe is especially good at this!

When we are down we get right in the middle of them and soak up their love – feeling better in no time!

There is no limit to their dedication or love of our family members.  It is for this reason that they are THE BEST form of therapy there is…

Dog really is GOD spelled backwards.  They are the purest form of love and connection to Source  in this realm.  Humans, take note!!!

Dear me, I need to go smooch some puppy noses!!!  Here’s to a lovely day~