What Time is It???  IT’S TIME!

What Time is It??? IT’S TIME!

Yes, it is time to start the planning, and in some instances planting, for your spring/summer garden.  I highly recommend the following tools:

  1. Notebook or composition book for notes/pictures
  2. Almanac
  3. Calendar
  4. “Garden Planner.” Organic Gardening <www.organicgardening.com/spring-planner>

The notebook has proven to be an invaluable tool for obvious reasons.  I look back over the pictures I have taken of my lush spring/summer produce during the winter months and dream, as well as drool.  I plan my crop rotation each year  by looking back at previous year’s pictures and notations.  The crop rotation prevents some pests from recurring and puts you one step closer to being a ‘biodynamic farmer’ instead of just an organic one…more on that later.  I also keep notes on what plants have worked, as well as the ones that have not so I do not waste my time or money on them again.


As for the almanac, my grandfather used it as his guide and he had some of the best fruits and veggies I have ever eaten.  I prefer  Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac for that very reason.  My husband and I wear this little book out!  He checks it repeatedly as a weather and hunting aide while I am checking the “Planting Table” and “Best Days To:” as a guide for what I can/should be doing regarding gardening, transplanting, pruning, etc. While it can seem a little intimidating at first there are explanations of the characters and terms and, before you know it, you will be using it like a pro.


Regarding the calendar, I prefer a desk calendar with plenty of space to write. Being the organize ‘freak’ that I am (or try to be) I keep up with everything in my calendar and I do mean everything.  I found one this year with columns which you can use for different family members or for different aspects of your life if you don’t have children or are an empty nester.  I LOVE it!  I make  notations in the calendar based on my almanac findings.  It may sound cumbersome but it really isn’t as I only refer to the almanac once, transfer the pertinent info to my calendar and *poof* I am good to go for the month.


And finally…I received this little guide when I subscribed to Organinc Gardening magazine (which I recommend as well).  One of the most helpful parts for me is the ‘Spring Planting Guide’.  This guide allows you to chart, based on your last spring frost date, when to plant seeds indoors and when to transplant them to the garden.  There is also a list of which plants do well when you direct-seed them into your garden.  There are many more useful tools in this compact guide…too many to mention.  Even if you cannot get this exact one, I feel certain you can download a guide from the internet that would serve the same purpose.

And there you have it- my planning basics!!!

I have gotten so psyched writing this that I am going to take inventory of my seed stockpile right now to see what I need to get ordered…ah, the life of a city farmer…my work is never done…

Until next time, happy planning!

Let the FUN Begin…

Please tell me, my friends, how a person can stay soooo busy (I actually eat lunch standing up most days – my family can attest to that!) and yet, never, ever, ever seem to get caught up on that nasty ‘To Do’ list??? Well, I am forcing my ridiculous self  to come inside, cool off and post an update on my neglected blog.

Let me begin with ‘Before’ and ‘Now’ pictures:

                The Beginning   May 7, 2011
                                  June 28, 2011


As you can see from this morning’s bounty, things are cranking up in my sweet, little garden.  I am gathering green beans, squash (straight-neck and white), zucchini, new potatoes, cucumbers and a few Roma tomatoes as of right now.  I expect to be gathering Cherokee Purple, German Queen and German Johnson tomatoes , as well as jalapeno peppers next week.

And now, since I have FINALLY cooled off, I am going to go back out in this Southern heat and humidity and torture myself a little more ‘piddlin’ away in my edible landscape…(if you aren’t Southern, you may need to look that one up 😉 ).

Will try to force myself to stay inside long enough tomorrow to give you an update on the fig tree and the grape vines… until then, happy gardening and Happy 4th of July!

Oh Happy Day…for Mothers and Gardeners!

Happy Mother’s Day to any and all of you that ‘mother’ or have ‘mothered’.  🙂  It is not an easy task though it surely can be one of the most rewarding – kinda like gardening, huh?

And now…as promised…(drum roll, please):

AFTER - Lasagna Garden ©May 2011

Ta Daaaaaa!!!  My first round of planting is complete and, as if to bless my efforts, the Good Lord has provided a slow, gentle rain during the night, as well as periodically throughout the day!   Though you cannot see them yet, the horizontal row in front will be my Mountain White Half Runners.  The bamboo poles and twine will serve as a trellis system for support and easy picking.  The plants transplanted from my Aerogarden seem perfectly happy in their new surroundings and have actually perked up today.  I do believe they are appreciative to have nature’s watering system provide them with a drink.

I will post updates as things progress here on the Sweet ‘T’ lawn.  But for now I am happy to enjoy the day with my children who have come home to spend time with their Mother.  Isn’t life grand?  I am truly blessed!