Natural Spider Repellent Recipe

Natural Spider Repellent Recipe

I DON’T LIKE SPIDERS!  I use this ‘crazy good’ natural spider repellent that I make at home to notify spiders that they are not welcome inside!  It works!!!

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Gabe finds  spiders intriguing!
Yes, he was watching little creepy crawlers while I gardened and YES, I added this picture because there was absolutely NO WAY I could post this with a picture of a spider and nothing else!!!
Phobia?  Ya think????

I had a little encounter yesterday with Mr. Spider while I was working IN MY OFFICE so I whipped out my Magic Spider Spray – my favorite Spider weapon – and went to work!

It is easy and inexpensive to make AND it smells heavenly to me though Mr. Spider doesn’t think so.  Ready to make your own?

  1. Add 10 – 15 drops of peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle containing 8 – 12 ounces of water.  Mix well.
  2. Spray around openings to your home (doors, windows, cracks, etc.).

That’s all there is to it!!!  Now, if you see some of the creepy crawlers have braved the scent and continued to make their way into your home you can always add a couple more drops of your essential oil to the mixture to make it stronger.  Also, if you aren’t crazy about the smell of peppermint you can try another strong smelling essential oil like lavender, mint, orange – you get the picture. Crazy Good Creations finds really good prices on essential oils so send an email (‘CONTACT’ button) if you are in the market for some!

With our weather pattern changes I am thinking I probably need to spray at least once per week in the winter (if you want to call this winter and NO, I am NOT complaining!).  I always spray twice per week in the warmer months because I don’t like spiders (oh, I said that already?) and DO NOT want them in my home (I really don’t!) AND that peppermint smell just makes me happy (ahh…that’s better – let’s end this on a happy note)! 😉



  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I also hate spiders, it gives me a really creepy feeling. Glad to have read your post. Helpful indeed.

  2. I’m happy that i found this! I buy the big jugs of home defense and use it all around my home and yard. The spiders seem to be bad this year. I was washing all the windows and i pulled up the last shade and there was a black spider on the window, it creeped me out. i sprayed windex on it till it fell on the floor and crawled into a ball then sucked it up in the vacuumm. then, i opened the window and a very large white-ish spider crawled out with legs like a daddy long leg. ewwww. I really need something for the inside of my home thats not harmful to pets. I understand this is a replant, but will it kill them if i find one crawling on the floor and i spray it?

    • Hi Jessica,

      To be perfectly honest…I do not know if spraying the peppermint solution directly on the spider would kill it but I imagine it would. I have to admit that IF I do see a spider in my home I do not take the time to run get my spray for fear it will crawl somewhere and I will not be able to find/kill it…bless! I am sorry, Mr./Ms. Spiders, but you just are not welcome in my home!!!! Be warned~

      If you try it, Jessica, let me know…

  3. Aaron Paris says

    I work a lot of hours mainly at night. I would come home in the morning and always walk through cobwebs and it was getting to the point that the spiders were biting me. also this spring i have noticed black ants coming into the house. i got fed up because i have small animals and cant use chemicals so my cousin found this for me..i ordered the peppermint and gave it a shot..i mean what could i lose? since i sprayed my house smells so awesome..but the best part is i have not seen one bug in my house at all..thank you soooo much you made my life better

  4. I HATE Spiders! Outside – no problem, inside – BIG PROBLEM 🙁
    I am going to try this spray today, and fingers crossed it works – I seem to get loads of these massive rain spiders, which I know are ‘harmless’, but scare the **** out me none the less! Does this also work on sac spiders & black widows?
    Is mint oil safe for animals, as my little one is an indoor pup, and I read that tea tee oil is rather poisonous for pets…

    • I have not had any issues with my pets (I have 2 Golden Retrievers – my 4-legged children, I like to call them) and this spray. I have read numerous articles regarding tea tree oil and pets; however, one of my favorite ear ‘itch’ oils I purchase/use for my Goldens has tea tree oil in it so…I feel that it is like everything else…it must be used properly.

      Now…regarding sac spiders and black widows…I have not sprayed specifically for those (have not seen any of those around here – thank goodness) so let me know the results once you try it so we can share with everyone.

      Wishing you the best!!!

  5. FYI – Numerous folks have emailed me asking where to find peppermint essential oil. I sell the oils but you can purchase them online OR you may find them at your local health food store. WARNING: Once you start using essential oils you may find them addictive! I use peppermint, rosemary, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus….oh my, the list is LONG!!!! I make my own window cleaner, bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfectants, room deodorizer sprays…yes, I said ADDICTIVE!!!!! This is a good addiction though as all of these are much better for you, your family, pets and the environment than the chemicals you purchase!!!

  6. I added a drop of Castile soap and citrus and lemon grass, and the tea tree oil. the house smells heavenly and spiders died on the contact 🙂

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