For a Very Special Angel-Girl~

For a Very Special Angel-Girl~

With a new grand-baby set to arrive in August it seemed like the right time to start the baby’s afghan yesterday evening – a Tahtee Crazy Good Creation.  I found this pattern on You-Tube and fell in love with it…so dainty and feminine.  I believe it will be perfect for Justin and Krissy’s angel-girl!

The only problem is that once I get started on a crochet project I don’t want to stop.  Those of you who crochet or have a hobby, which also does double-duty as ‘therapy’, understand that statement.

With this lovely morning rain here in the Piedmont… I am thinking I can spend the time I would have spent watering the garden (an hour, at least) crocheting!!!  Yeah, that is exactly what I am thinking.  I will keep you posted on my progress as the days go by.  It looks like I did 6 rows last night.  Let’s see how many I get done this morning.  Psyched!

Time for my therapy session, y’all!  This is the way we do it in the South. 🙂


  1. YAY!!! This is going to be awesome! Thank you!!! Brooklyn’s a lucky girl! 🙂

    • It is my privilege to be able to do this. You know how special ‘binkies’ are in our family. April brought hers to me in the hospital when I was having babies and Kiss still sleeps with hers, I do believe. I hope my Brookie-girl loves hers just as much…

  2. This is just so sweet!! Brooklyn is going to love her Tahtee as much as we do. Loving this precious gift!!

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