Crazy Good Creations Saves You $

Crazy Good Creations Saves You $

Whole Foods or Crazy Good Creations?  You decide~

So…I get a text from my Philly daughter this week who found these at Whole Foods:IMG_0801

They are selling them for $4.99 EACH!

About a year ago, February 19, 2012, to be EXACT I promoted these on my website:photo[17]

I make this entire set (facial cloth and 4 scrubbies/makeup removers) and sell them for $15.00.  They are money and tree savers, as well as great gifts for anyone you know who is trying to move toward a green lifestyle. See earlier post here:  Facial Set 

Bottom line???  DO NOT pay $4.99 for ONE of these when you can buy a whole set for $15.00 from Crazy Good Creations!!!  Don’t want the facial cloth?  No, problem!  You can buy 4 of the scrubbies/makeup removers for $8.00!!! Order up by sending us an email (select ‘Contact’ at the top of the webpage)~

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