This was the beginning…

Meet Poco! He was our first; the one responsible for the love we have for Golden Retrievers. He was our best friend, our therapist, our teacher and so much more. We had to say goodbye right after Christmas in 2005. We were forced with the dreadful decision of putting him through painful treatments for cancer or say goodbye. As you can see from his picture, he was a Golden Oldie and we did not want him to suffer… Saying goodbye was one of the saddest days of our lives…

It wasn’t long after his death that the ‘dog food scare’ hit and we realized, though we had been feeding him one of the “best” foods out there according to the professionals; when the whistle was blown, we realized it was probably what killed our sweet Poco. Needless to say, we learned not to trust anyone and do our own research regarding the food and healthcare for our sweet Goldens. We will share what works for them in this section.

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