Dog Food Recall

Dog Food Recall

Our Golden Retrievers are our four-legged children.  We take great pride in feeding them the best food available based on the information we are given.  Unfortunately Gabe, our 6 year old male, was almost a statistic in the melamine-in-pet-food scandal that killed hundreds of dogs and cats in 2007.  We got him to the vet in time – thank goodness and he is alive and the sweetest boy ever!


After that scare we started buying our dog’s food from a local company in Apex, NC and have been most pleased.  It is 100% natural and holistic.   They deliver to our home and we feel that our dogs are getting a first-rate food.  If you have pets, you should check them out and tell them Tess sent ya!

Anyhow…now there is another issue with pet food.  This time it is the discovery of Salmonella contamination in foods made by Diamond Pet Food, a company in South Carolina.

The recall, which started last month, now involves 13 brands of food distributed mostly in the Eastern U.S.:

– Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix
– Canidae Dog
– Natural Balance
– Diamond Pet Food Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul
– Diamond Pet Food Country Value
– 4Health
– Diamond Professional
– Diamond Premium Edge
– Diamond Naturals
– Diamond Taste of the Wild
– Kirkland Signature Super Premium
– Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain
– Apex Chicken and Rice Dog

For complete recall info, including lot numbers, visit

You can never be too careful when selecting your pet’s food due to the lack of regulations implemented to protect our pets.  I suggest you read this article for additional information on what to look for when choosing a food for your pets.  After all, our four-legged children depend on us to be their advocates…and rightly so~


  1. Dr.Gene Edward Kauffman Jr says

    To whom it may concern my fiancé and I currently own 4 dogs, her two are AKC Reg Boxers,and mine are AKC Reg. Pitbulls, all of these animals are indeed our family, so if I’m bit abrupt I apologize, every two weeks my fiancé and I get dog food for these guys, we purchase 4-5 24lb Turkey Grain Blue, (due to digestion orders) this batch we received were unnerving when I opened to fill feeders they contained bugs (I don’t what kind) ,I called store they refused to replace, and “not authorized” to give a refund to get it elsewhere. FYI,I am retired Lt.Col.Army Ranger FORSCOM commander of the 75thReg.2ndBatt. Please advise what steps I take next?

    • We understand your frustration as our dogs are like our children!!!

      Our next step would be to contact the company that makes the food directly. Here is a link to their page where you can send an email or, if you prefer, there is a phone number:

      If they do not stand behind their product, though hopefully they will, I would inform them that I would be posting my experience with them and their food on as many social media sites as I possibly could to eliminate someone else have the same experience.

      Good luck to you!!!

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