Colloidal Silver…Another Family Staple

Colloidal Silver…Another Family Staple

If you haven’t heard of Colloidal Silver before it is time you learned about this product.  This is what our family uses in lieu of an antibiotic.  The information below was gathered based on my research and our successes though there are many more claims out there regarding the usefulness of this product.

Ear Health – Several drops (warmed if preferred), 3 times daily up to 10 days

Gastrointestinal & Intestinal Health – One dropper 3 x’s per day preferably on an empty stomach.  Follow with a probiotic at bedtime.

Mouth & Gum Health – 1 – 2 droppers in water and hold in mouth for a couple of minutes, 3 – 4 times per day.  For mouth ulcers, I have been known to put a dropper full directly on the sore.  It certainly shortens the duration.

Toothaches and bacterial irritations diminish or are relieved until one can get to the dentist.

Can impede tooth decay and bad breath.

Respiratory Health – 1-2 droppers 3 times per day for colds, flu, pneumonia, staph, strep…viruses in general.  Using with Congaplex (another family staple) has given us amazing results with flu-like symptoms or sore throats (mix silver with a little water and gargle or hold in throat).

Topical Uses:

Burns –  heals faster, very little (if any) scarring

Cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sunburn, insect bites, razor nicks, acne


We have used this with our Goldens as well…cuts, sores, ears, etc. I dilute it with distilled water to either 10 or 30 PPM (see chart below).  I put a dropper full directly on the site once or twice a day.  When their systems seem to be compromised, I put a dropper full on their food two times per day – not to exceed 7 – 10 days.

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Colloidal silver has a mild taste and can be taken undiluted or diluted with water or juice.  Most adults will take up to one teaspoon of 250 PPM for immune support not to exceed duration of 7 to 10 days.

Use half the recommended amount for children (6-12) and one-fourth for ages (0-5) not to exceed duration of 7 to 10 days.

The following information is for individuals who prefer to break down the colloidal silver to a lower ppm for daily use. Always use purified reverse osmosis or distilled water. Colloidal silver breakdown by ratio of 1 part silver and pure water ratio according to desired parts per million.

This is a breakdown of 250 PPM for daily use:

1:24 ratio = 10 ppm 
  (1 part 250 PPM Colloidal Silver to 24 parts distilled water = 10 PPM Colloidal Silver)

1:6 ratio = 40 ppm

1:5 ratio = 50 ppm

1:3 ratio = 80 ppm

1:2 ratio = 125 ppm

 Of course, I am no doctor and do not pretend to be.  I have researched via the internet and tried many holistic/natural remedies and coconut oil has worked for me and mine.  I recommend that everyone do their own research for their particular situation to ensure there will be no adverse interactions with their conditions or with any chemicals (medications from physicians) they may be taking.

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