Black Pepper Stops Bleeding!

Black Pepper Stops Bleeding!

Something important to remember...

Black pepper stops bleeding!  And yes, we have tried it and know that it works.

I put it to the test on Christmas Eve when I cut through a vein on my hand while washing my Chef’s knife.  Though we had trouble initially finding the container of black pepper (yes, my family panicked because nothing ever happens to Momma…ya know?) it did work! Imagine this:  While my daughter was running around the kitchen trying to find the container of pepper I had incorrectly described in my delirium,  my son grabbed the pepper grinder and was grinding out peppercorns like a madman on my hand…bless my babies!!!!  It is funny now – not so much at the time.

And you know I had to research it but there is very little scientific information out there indicating why it works.  I did find one excerpt indicating it had some antibacterial properties and that the small bits may provide places for platelets to glob onto and quickly begin to coagulate.

Surprisingly enough, it did not burn though you would think it would.  Because it formed a thick crust over the cut it kept bacteria out of the wound AND on my cut, which was very deep, there was very little scarring. Though I was told repeatedly I needed to go get stitches, I insisted that the pepper would do the trick and it did!  Yea me!!!!  Of course, you gotta know that I also put my Gold Virgin coconut oil and colloidal silver on it during the days/weeks that followed.

So…if you are an active person it would be a good idea to keep some of those small packets from restaurants with you when you are mountain biking, rock climbing and/or being your active self; otherwise, keep a large container of it on hand in your kitchen for emergency situations.

Yep, that is your tip for the day!  You’re welcome!!!


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