Come on, people!!!! We really need to, COLLECTIVELY, think WARM weather…it is snowing to beat the band here in the Piedmont!

March 28, 2011 - A very good reason to wait until May 1 to plant anything! © 3/25/2011

And this is why we don’t get crazy on those 80 degree March days and plant those beautiful flowers all of the retailers have put out to tempt us.  They want you to buy them and plant them that very day.  They know the plants are going to die and guess what?  You will be back for more…doubling their money!!!  They didn’t get wealthy by looking after your best interests, for sure.

My grandfather was a very smart man reminding me repeatedly that if I planted before May 1 I would be wasting my money. I only wish he would have written his common sense information in a journal for those of us he left behind.  Isn’t it ironic that the knowledge his generation took for granted, and that many viewed as old-fashioned or backward, is now being written about and explained in volumes for those of us trying to make it back to that simpler/healthier way of life?  Let that be a lesson to all of us ~

Hmmm….time for another cup of coffee and a leisurely walk down memory lane…reveling in the joys of growing up back in the day!  Until next time…stay warm…think warmer!!!

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