Oh Happy Day…for Mothers and Gardeners!

Happy Mother’s Day to any and all of you that ‘mother’ or have ‘mothered’.¬† ūüôā¬† It is not an easy task though it surely can be one of the most rewarding – kinda like gardening, huh?

And now…as promised…(drum roll, please):

AFTER - Lasagna Garden ©May 2011

Ta Daaaaaa!!!¬† My first round of planting is complete and, as if to¬†bless my efforts, the Good Lord has provided a slow, gentle¬†rain during the night, as well as¬†periodically throughout the day!¬†¬†¬†Though you cannot see them yet, the horizontal row in front will be my Mountain White Half Runners.¬† The bamboo poles and twine will serve as a trellis system for support and easy picking.¬† The plants transplanted from my Aerogarden seem perfectly happy in their new surroundings and have actually perked up today.¬† I do believe they are appreciative to have nature’s watering system provide them with a drink.

I will post updates as things progress here on the¬†Sweet ‘T’ lawn.¬† But for now I am happy to enjoy the day with my children who have come home to spend time with their Mother.¬† Isn’t life grand?¬† I am truly blessed!

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