Let the FUN Begin…

Please tell me, my friends, how a person can stay soooo busy (I actually eat lunch standing up most days – my family can attest to that!) and yet, never, ever, ever seem to get caught up on that nasty ‘To Do’ list??? Well, I am forcing my ridiculous self  to come inside, cool off and post an update on my neglected blog.

Let me begin with ‘Before’ and ‘Now’ pictures:

                The Beginning   May 7, 2011
                                  June 28, 2011


As you can see from this morning’s bounty, things are cranking up in my sweet, little garden.  I am gathering green beans, squash (straight-neck and white), zucchini, new potatoes, cucumbers and a few Roma tomatoes as of right now.  I expect to be gathering Cherokee Purple, German Queen and German Johnson tomatoes , as well as jalapeno peppers next week.

And now, since I have FINALLY cooled off, I am going to go back out in this Southern heat and humidity and torture myself a little more ‘piddlin’ away in my edible landscape…(if you aren’t Southern, you may need to look that one up 😉 ).

Will try to force myself to stay inside long enough tomorrow to give you an update on the fig tree and the grape vines… until then, happy gardening and Happy 4th of July!

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