Gardening To-Do List for May

Gardening To-Do List for May

This is one of my favorite times of the year – one of planting, new growth and fresh veggies.  There is so much to do that one could very easily be overwhelmed without the help and guidance of some master gardeners and wonderful publications.

Here is a partial To-Do List for the month of May from Organic Gardening for Zone 7:

May To-Do’s

  • Plant moonflower (Ipomoea alba), caladium, coleus, zinnia, and other heat-tolerant flowers.
  • Don’t be too quick to give up on tender perennials and tubers, such as datura, Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha), cannas, and dahlias. You still may see new leaves by the end of the month.
  • Plant okra, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, sweet potatoes, southern peas, and other heat-loving veggies.
  • Mulch peas and cole crops to keep the soil cool; water them regularly.
  • Thin peaches, plums, pears, and apples to about 6 inches apart.

This is a  partial list for me because there is soooo much more to do around my little homestead.  As I have mentioned before I refer to the almanac so that I am planting, pruning and transplanting under the right signs.  Hey, if it was good enough for my PawPaw, it is good enough for me!   And besides, it really does make a difference in production or lack thereof.

For example this is what next week looks like according to Mr. Almanac:

5/14/12          Destroy weeds

5/15-16/12   Apply organic fertilizer; plant root crops; prune to encourage   growth and transplant

5/19/12          Plant root crops; transplant

You better believe I will be planting my sweet potato slips the 15th or the 16th, as well as following Mr. Almanac’s other advice.  He hasn’t failed me yet!!!

And there you have it…a guide to help you organize your game plan in the garden.

If  you live in a different zone, by all means, visit for information regarding what you should be doing based on where you live.   I hope you find it helpful – I know I surely do!  Happy gardening everyone~

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