Fall Gardening in the Piedmont – Tess’ Till-less Style

Fall Gardening in the Piedmont – Tess’ Till-less Style

This is such a lovely time of the year in the Piedmont!  The heat and humidity is gone (for the most part) having been replaced by cooler temperatures and lovely fall colors.

Time to get into gear with your fall gardening chores and planting.  My garden is  on my front lawn and I use, what I like to call, Tess’ till-less method.

I am pleased and quite surprised I had some kale that actually made it through the long, hot summer.  Look at those beautiful green, 100% ORGANIC leaves.   These babies are flourishing once again and there is nothing better than fresh sauteed kale, as well as baked kale chips!

 I planted this kale several weeks ago~

As you can see, it is coming right along!!!  You can also see a very healthy thyme plant to the left, zinnias in the center and beautiful basil on the right!!!  I have made pesto galore this summer and frozen the excess- yea, me! 😉

The plants love this time of year and are thriving in this cooler climate.  Check out my mixed lettuces…I planted them in the shade of my okra plants which has worked out nicely.

Keep in mind that I use the till-less method of gardening.  I don’t even own a tiller.

See this post for more information on this method: http://www.crazygoodcreations.com/gardening/tess-till-less-organic-garden-2012/
Note:  There is a similar method that suggests you add up to 24″ of green and brown materials; however, I have found that mine does just as well with about 10″ – 12 ” because you add to/rebuild your rows/layers each spring.

Let me know if you have any questions.  It is the easiest method of gardening I have ever tried and IT WORKS!!!!

 Happy Fall, Y’all!!! 🙂

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