Crazy Good Gardening in the New Year – Zone 7

Crazy Good Gardening in the New Year – Zone 7

With the new year comes longer days (yea!) and preparation for your crazy good spring gardening plan (YEA!).  Based on Organic Gardening information it is time to take care of the following gardening chores:

  • On mild days, remove winter weeds, such as wild onions and chickweed.
  • Sow seeds of Shirley poppies (Papaver rhoeas) for bloom in May and June.
  • Sow larkspur seeds directly in flowerbeds where you want them to grow; look for blooms by midspring.
  • Indoors, start seeds of perennials or slow-growing annuals, like coleus and geraniums, beneath lights.Aerogarden with Cilantro and Dill 4 2011
  • Start seeds of cabbage, early lettuce, and at the end of the month, broccoli.
  • When onion and cabbage transplants are available at the garden center, select the best ones, then plant them in the garden beneath a row cover.
  • Near the end of the month, weed the asparagus bed and strawberry plot, then feed the plants and renew the thinning mulches.

I would also like to add that during this first week of the new year, I sit down with the almanac, as well as my calendar and go through making notations for the coming year…when to trim for growth or not, when to plant above ground crops or root crops, when to harvest…you get the picture.  Doing this gets me hyped with the anticipation of getting my hands in the dirt once again in a couple of months and producing organic, not to mention DELICIOUS, food for my family and friends.

My method is easy – NO DIGGING OR TILLING!  I invite you to join me…many have and LOVE it!!!


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