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We are a creative bunch, we are! And you know, I never really thought of us as such but it is true. There is just no telling what you might find in this telling. You might find anything from crocheted items, to art work, to photography, to my husband's ingenious inventions and everything in between. All I can say is you better check back often so you don't miss anything~ Enjoy!

Sooo cute and feminine~

Sooo cute and feminine~

I just had to share this…it may be my favorite out of all of the ones that I have done…just so dainty and lady-like!






This one is 1.5 inches wide and is available to purchase.

I make these to order. You design by picking the color, size, and applique!  (See crocheted items on the right hand side of the page.)  If your desired color isn’t listed, send me an email and I will work with you to design the perfect headband.

Get creative~


Save a tree…

Save a tree…

Are these not the cutest things ever???  Make-up remover pads, cotton nonetheless!

I have started making facial washcloths to go with the make-up remover pads and I love, LoVe, LOVE both of these items.  You can either wash them in the washing machine or wash them by hand after each use and hang to dry (that’s what I do).

Every time I make a new set of these one of my female family members appear and *poof* my newly crocheted set disappears!  I don’t mind though.  I love knowing they are using something I have made.  This is a money saver in the long run when you think about it if you use the store bought make-up remover pads.

If you don’t crochet but would like more information about this product, leave a comment or email me.

If you do crochet, check out Alli’s blog: