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I used to do this back in my younger days. You know what I children, fat loose and fancy free...and then I got married, had children and didn't crochet a 'lick' for 25 years! That is right twenty-five years but then something happened...

Oh yea...empty-nest, fat and kinda free and what do you know? Crocheting again like a wild woman!!!

Crazy Good Creations Saves You $

Crazy Good Creations Saves You $

Whole Foods or Crazy Good Creations?  You decide~

So…I get a text from my Philly daughter this week who found these at Whole Foods:IMG_0801

They are selling them for $4.99 EACH!

About a year ago, February 19, 2012, to be EXACT I promoted these on my website:photo[17]

I make this entire set (facial cloth and 4 scrubbies/makeup removers) and sell them for $15.00.  They are money and tree savers, as well as great gifts for anyone you know who is trying to move toward a green lifestyle. See earlier post here:  Facial Set 

Bottom line???  DO NOT pay $4.99 for ONE of these when you can buy a whole set for $15.00 from Crazy Good Creations!!!  Don’t want the facial cloth?  No, problem!  You can buy 4 of the scrubbies/makeup removers for $8.00!!! Order up by sending us an email (select ‘Contact’ at the top of the webpage)~

Crochet Headbands for Sale

Crochet Headbands for Sale

So….at the first sign of cooler weather this is what I do…

Adorable headbands for babies, toddlers, tweens…you get the picture.

Order yours today!!!  I will make what you want and ship it right to your door.  See ‘Products’ (top of page or right side of page) for pricing and to order.

One Perfect Model…

One Perfect Model…

I have the perfect model to showcase my crocheted items for little ones….meet Brooklyn~

Yes…I made the baby blanket!
Yes…I made the headband!!
Yesssss….she is my granddaughter!!!

Are little munchkins expected in your near future?
Order your Crazy Good Creations Angel Baby blanket or headband(s) today!!!

One of our special creations…made especially for yours!