Organic Gardening

Organic gardening does not have to be hard! I have managed to feed our family on less than an acre of land by a method called ‘lasagna gardening’. I do not use pesticides but use natural means, such as crop rotation, to combat pests. Is it challenging at times? You bet! Do I love it anyhow? More than I can describe! It is my time to connect with the earth AND feed my family extremely well. Who can argue with that???

Tess’ Till-less, Organic Garden 2012

Tess’ Till-less, Organic Garden 2012

Do you mean you can have an organic  garden with lush, delicious veggies with NO tilling and no harmful pesticides?  YES, you can!

It begins by putting cardboard or newspaper right on top of the grass (where it will get sun for at least 6 hours per day…the front lawn in my case).  Soak it through and through with water, add a 2″ – 3″ layer of compost such as leaves or your homemade compost, soak it thoroughly as well.



Now add a 3″ – 4″  layer of peat moss.  Dampen it with a light spray as you do not want to cause runoff initially.  Once it has settled it won’t go anywhere, trust me.  Notice there aren’t any boards or siding of any kind.  The truth of the matter is…you just don’t need them.  I have been doing this method of gardening for three years now and, to me, building a ‘box’ or border is just a waste of money better spent on seeds, peat moss or GMO-free seeds.




That is it!  You are ready to plant, water, wait and reap the benefits!  It really is just that simple!!!

If you would like additional information, there are earlier posts in my Gardening section with details on  materials to use, how to build a compost bin, as well as what should/should not be composted.

If you do not find what you are looking for in my earlier posts, feel free to ask questions…I will gladly share what has/ has not worked for me!

This is a super simple, amazingly satisfying, not to mention DELICIOUS, way to feed your family fresh, homegrown veggies.  You will be surprised just how differently your bounty tastes.  Happy planting everyone!!!


Round Up for Dinner, Anyone?

Round Up for Dinner, Anyone?

I know many people who still use Round Up.  I am hoping this will change their minds…

The picture below shows veggies grown in my ‘no-till’ garden (they don’t call me ‘No-Till Tess’ for nothing) without the use of ANY insecticides.  They are beautiful, healthy plants that produce not just quantity, but quality vegetables for my family.

Please read all of the excerpt below  from Rodale Press and make the choice not to use this Monsanto-created product anymore:

Herbicide-Flavored Food

What it is: Glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in the popular weed killer, Roundup, is a hormone-disrupting chemical now used primarily on corn and soy crops genetically engineered to withstand a heavy dousing of the chemical. Nonorganic farmers dumped 57 million pounds of glyphosate on food crops in 2009, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) figures.

Where it is: Roundup is so heavily used around homes and in farm fields that it’s now being detected in streams, the air, and even rain. Because it’s a systemic herbicide, it’s actually taken up inside the plant…meaning we eat it. Yep, it’s legally allowed in our food, and in an amount that worries scientists. It’s found in most nonorganic packaged foods because most contain corn- or soy-derived ingredients, the crops that are most often heavily doused with Roundup.

Why it’s bad: Glyphosate exposure is linked to obesity, learning disabilities, birth defects, infertility, and potentially irreversible metabolic damage. To avoid pesticides in products, eat organic and avoided processed foods as much as possible. And use caution— “all natural” foods often are chockfull of pesticides and genetically engineered ingredients.

And there you have it…one of the MANY reasons I am practicing organic methods to feed my family.

I wanted you to know the impact of using Round Up so you could make an educated and conscientious decision before adding this disgustingly harmful chemical to our environment (and dinner table) in the future!  PLEASE share this article!!!

(see for other gross findings in our foods)

Controlling Our Foods…NOT!

Controlling Our Foods…NOT!

It makes me ANGRY to know the deceit and manipulation taking place right under our noses regarding our seeds, food and health! This is lengthy but you owe it to yourself to watch it even if you have to do so over three or four sessions.   It is time to ban together and take a stand…NOW!