We have gone too far beyond what is basic and necessary in our environment and it has tipped all kinds of scales in the wrong direction! If ever we needed to get back to the basics and let Mother Nature correct our 'wrongs', it is NOW! This section will include calls to action, as well as thoughts and opinions! Please join me in trying to right our wrongs....before it is too late!

Agent Orange Corn???  Lovely…

Agent Orange Corn??? Lovely…

Unless you are living under a rock, you have to wonder why many of our government agencies are ignoring the test results proving that biotech pesticides are harmful to all living things.  WHY???

And now, why are Vietnam Vets joining the Moms and food activists in the fight against genetically modified foods???  The answer is simple.  There is a new breed of GMO corn that resist heavy applications of an herbicide, called 2,4-D.  Our Vietnam Vets know, all too well, the many health problems caused by 2, 4-D because it is one of the two active ingredients in Agent Orange!!!  To add insult to injury:

 “The corn and 2,4-D are both being manufactured by Dow Agro Science, which has named its new corn “Enlist”, a name the veterans say is ‘a slap at all Vietnam veterans’.” *

I couldn’t agree more!!!  And yes, Monsanto also manufactures 2,4-D.

When will it end?  Can we, the little people, get them to look beyond $$$ to see what they are doing to us, our children, our pets…the cycle of life???

For more info and to sign the Center for Food Safety petition against the potential for more toxic pesticide exposure:


This is just one of the many reasons I am doing my best to grow as much of my own food from non-GMO seeds as possible.  All of you should consider doing the same for your health and your entire family’s wellbeing.


*Emily Main. “Vietnam Vets Pushing for More Research on “Agent Orange Corn”.  www.rodale.com


NC Ranks 32nd in Supporting Local Foods  :(

NC Ranks 32nd in Supporting Local Foods :(

Do you buy ‘local’ carrots from your supermarket?  Want to guess how many miles that the average  ‘local’ carrot travels to get to the supermarket shelves?  (Brace yourself – this is UGLY!)

1800 miles!!!

So much for lessening your carbon footprint by buying ‘locally’….

The truth of the matter is that, most times, you are only buying locally if you are going to local farmer’s markets or local farms.  Sad, but true!  We, as NC citizens, need to join the locavorism movement.  I am sure you are wondering what I am trying to get you into now~  Read on:

The term “locavore,” and the locavorism movement, are both comparatively recent. “Locavore” made its first appearance in 2005 and was designated the 2007 Word of the Year by the Oxford American Dictionary. As a movement, locavorism advocates a preference for local food for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Local food travels much less distance to market than typical fresh or processed grocery store foods, therefore using less fuel and generating fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Local food is fresher, and therefore healthier, spending less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore losing fewer nutrients and incurring less spoilage.
  • Local food encourages diversification of local agriculture, which reduces the reliance on monoculture — single crops grown over a wide area to the detriment of soils.
  • Local food encourages the consumption of organic foods and reduces reliance on artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Local foods create local jobs by supporting family farms and the development of local food processing and distribution systems.
  • Local foods create more vibrant communities by connecting people with the farmers and food producers who bring them healthy local foods.*

Need I say more?

The good news is that this is the time of year when buying locally becomes much easier as Farmer’s Markets and roadside fresh veggie/fruit stands crop up daily!  Better yet, grow your own!!! (see posts in ‘Gardening’ section of my site)  You don’t have to have a farm or acreage to grow your own veggies – trust me!

Come on, North Carolina!!!  Join Crazy Good Creations in supporting our local farmers, lowering our carbon footprint and improving our health by getting more nutrients from the foods we eat.

Buy locally – it is just that simple!!!!




Neonicotinoid pesticides are killing our bees, as well as other pollinators!  Join me in lending our support…just click the link below, sign the petition and send!  It won’t take long and the impact we have could save our lives!


Without bees we would not have many of the foods we enjoy…just do it!!!


Our bee girls, as my husband and I affectionately call them, will thank you!