I knew this day was coming because I saw the neon ribbons that had been tied to my neighbor’s trees.  I was sad then but this morning when I heard the buzzzzzz of chainsaws… my heart hurt!

You see, when we moved here we had the pleasure of living beside a wonderful couple who were in their 80’s!  They knew what it meant to “love thy neighbor” and one could not have asked for better people.  We learned so much from them.  They truly were the salt of the earth.  They loved the neighborhood children and pets alike and welcomed all of them onto their property and into their home.  Oh how I  miss them and the good times we used to have!

But as they say, nothing is constant but change itself and today change is, once again, right next door as we are loosing more of the trees our dear friends planted themselves many, many years ago and loved so very much!

I want to scream across the fence, “Hey, WAIT!!!!!  Those trees are our friends!!!!  WE NEED TREES!”  Don’t you know:

  • They reduce air pollution and that dust particles collect on their leaves and not in our lungs????
  • They reduce soil erosion???
  • They are home to soooo many of our birds and wildlife???
  • They offer us shade on a hot, sunny day???
  • Their leaves dance when the wind blows???


I realize there are times when one must trim or cut a tree if there is a possibility it could cause harm or danger BUT to cut just…because…


I am sad!  I have nothing else to say…nothing!


  1. Donna Hill says

    What ever happened to “Hug a Tree”

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