Children do not come with instruction manuals. If you were lucky, you had parents who served as wonderful role models. If not…well, bless your heart.

One thing is for certain; you cannot love your children too much! You can, however, do them a grave injustice by failing to discipline them. Though the movement for years has been to protect children’s self esteem at all cost, I feel this has set many children up for failure in the ‘real’ world and created an environment that is void of manners and compassion for others. To pretend that one will not get their feelings hurt, their toes stepped on or their self-esteem crushed at one time or another is unconscionable. It is through disciplining that we provide our children, under our guidance, with the tools to face the many disappointments they will encounter in life.

For tips and tricks that worked for our family, read on! As for my opinion regarding parenting, you will find that in this section as well. Not only was I an educator of elementary and middle school children for 15 years, I have two children who are amazing, caring adults. I am seeing the fruits of my labor and I know for a fact that discipline is just as important as love.


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