Crazy Good Homemade Cleaning Products

Crazy Good Homemade Cleaning Products

In my never-ending quest to become ‘green-er’ and save money I opted to give homemade cleaners a try about a year ago.  Let me just say I am still using them today (though I may try different recipes from time to time – ’cause I am always looking to improve, you know).   I do not miss the toxic store bought cleaners at all!!!


Here are some of the ingredients I use, many of which you will already have on hand:

  • Baking Soda – Scours (similar to Magic Eraser), deodorizes
  • Borax – cleans, deodorizes, kills mold/fungus
  • Castile Soap (liquid) – all natural soap, loosens dirt/grime
  • Coconut Oil – great for removing sticky stuff
  • Essential Oils – extracted from plants, some kill bacteria and mold
  • Lemon – Effective against most household bacteria
  • Table Salt – Great for scouring
  • White vinegar – Cuts grease, removes mildew, helps with odors
For additional information and mixing recipes, start here:

The mixtures and combinations are limitless so research, ‘tend like you are a scientist and mix away!!!  I LOVE the natural, fresh smell of my home after I use these earth-friendly cleaners.  I bet you will as well AND Mother Earth says, “THANK YOU!”.


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