OK….so being the number nerd that I am, I could not let this crazy-good, monumental day pass without a post…so, here we go~

If you know anything about numerology you know that since December is the 12th month it has the vibration of the numbers 1, 2 and 3 (the 1 and 2 are obvious – the 3 comes from adding 1+2, get it?).

1 represents the vibration of new beginnings and starting things anew.

The number 2 encourages ‘love’ and is about seeking balance in all things – from balancing your budget to balancing your emotions and everything in between.  The energy surrounding the number 2 heralds gathering with our loved ones and/or family members meaning that relationships are at a peak during this time.  This can bring recommitment to loved ones or clarity regarding letting go if a relationship is not working for ones Highest Good.  All of this comes together as the number 2 also motivates one to tap into their emotional side and be forthcoming with feelings.

3 continues in this same vein as it deals with communication and expression.  This is the time to let everyone (even those you may have not seen or heard from in a long time) know how much they mean to you and how much you love them.  Think about creative ways to express yourself and go with it…write a song/poem, sing/recite it, fix a special meal…you get the picture.  Do what works for you as far as expressing your love for another person!

Take all of that and multiply it by 3 (12-12-12) and you have a month filled with NEW BEGINNINGS, LOVE and APPRECIATION for one another…for mankind…and just think what that could mean…

Can we say POSITIVE change?  JOY?  COMPASSION?  and did I mention LOVE???  Yes, that is how I prefer to see today and the coming days.  We are waking up to a world filled with love and compassion for one another.  We are focusing on the POSITIVE and JOY in this thing called life and by doing so continue to bring more and more and MORE GOOD our way.  So….IMG_1462

HAPPY 12-12-12, MY FRIENDS!  Go forth and spread the love today…and everyday~

Blessings, Love & Light~


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