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Agent Orange Corn???  Lovely…

Agent Orange Corn??? Lovely…

Unless you are living under a rock, you have to wonder why many of our government agencies are ignoring the test results proving that biotech pesticides are harmful to all living things.  WHY???

And now, why are Vietnam Vets joining the Moms and food activists in the fight against genetically modified foods???  The answer is simple.  There is a new breed of GMO corn that resist heavy applications of an herbicide, called 2,4-D.  Our Vietnam Vets know, all too well, the many health problems caused by 2, 4-D because it is one of the two active ingredients in Agent Orange!!!  To add insult to injury:

 “The corn and 2,4-D are both being manufactured by Dow Agro Science, which has named its new corn “Enlist”, a name the veterans say is ‘a slap at all Vietnam veterans’.” *

I couldn’t agree more!!!  And yes, Monsanto also manufactures 2,4-D.

When will it end?  Can we, the little people, get them to look beyond $$$ to see what they are doing to us, our children, our pets…the cycle of life???

For more info and to sign the Center for Food Safety petition against the potential for more toxic pesticide exposure:

This is just one of the many reasons I am doing my best to grow as much of my own food from non-GMO seeds as possible.  All of you should consider doing the same for your health and your entire family’s wellbeing.


*Emily Main. “Vietnam Vets Pushing for More Research on “Agent Orange Corn”.


Watch This…Period!

Watch This…Period!

Dr. Terry Wahls suffered from MS…notice she is a doctor.  She had the best, latest and greatest there was to offer in medical treatment and the drugs they prescribe; however, her health continued to decline.

Though her presentation is 17 minutes it is well worth your time as she describes what simple methods changed her decline and brought her back to a healthy state.

I am on board and have been for some time…are you???

Golden Love…Retrievers, That Is!

Golden Love…Retrievers, That Is!

Since I was talking about an inexpensive form of therapy yesterday (crocheting) I felt compelled to share another one today…our Goldens!

Now,  I have had dogs and, yes, in my younger days…those apartment years… I even had cats.  As I have said before I love all animals but there is one breed that stole my heart about sixteen years ago…Golden Retrievers!

Just look at these babies!!!

Bailey, on the left, is our girl and answers to Bailey, Bailey-Boo, Boo, Bailey-Marie, Bay, Boo-Boo…believe it or not I could go on…  Gabriel, on the right, is our boy who answers to Gabe, Gabey-Baby, Goob, Ba-Donk-A-Donk…    😉 Everyone in our family has  a multitude of nicknames, dependent upon the situation, and our four-legged family members are no different.

These two are by my side every single day.  If I am in my office working, they work with me.  Most days, Gabe actually gets under my desk and Bailey sleeps in my office doorway…no coming or going without them knowing it.

If I am working in the garden or yard, they are out there helping me.  Gabe is always intrigued by the good bugs crawling around in the garden.

When we are happy, they are right there with us, smiling and in a playful mood.

If we don’t feel well, they stay right by our side sharing their positive energy and trying to make us feel better.  Gabe is especially good at this!

When we are down we get right in the middle of them and soak up their love – feeling better in no time!

There is no limit to their dedication or love of our family members.  It is for this reason that they are THE BEST form of therapy there is…

Dog really is GOD spelled backwards.  They are the purest form of love and connection to Source  in this realm.  Humans, take note!!!

Dear me, I need to go smooch some puppy noses!!!  Here’s to a lovely day~